Update bug

First the good news. Adobe Lightroom 3.2 update is out.

Bad news, the update wizard conflicts with Knobroom’s startup, meaning that both update dialog and Knobroom start dialog freeze and you have to kill the Lightroom task to solve it.

Workaround is to temporarily rename Knobroom.lrplugin folder, run the update and then rename directory back.

Sorry for the trouble, I’ll try to figure out a way to start the plugin without interfering with the built-in updater.



8 thoughts on “Update bug

    1. Perhaps, but the sliders cannot be programmed to new positions when you move from photo another, as there are no motors in sliders.

  1. Ever since I ran across this a couple days ago, I’ve been trying to figure out why the buttons couldn’t be assigned to keystrokes and used as shortcuts- I have a wireless keyboard next to my tablet that I use just for this, and if I had a MIDI controller it would also have to be able to replace some of my keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom as well.

    Luckily, I have a few DJ friends, who said that *in theory* you should be able to assign a keystroke to a MIDI event outside of the plugin and have them run simultaneously. I don’t have much experience in MIDI at all, so I don’t know for sure.

    I did some searching and found:

    If something like this works, or is planned for implementation in future releases of the plugin, I’ll be buying a controller right away.

    1. Well, the plugin can only do what Lightroom plugin API allows it to do. In general, keyboard shortcuts are not possible using plugin API.
      I’m planning to support assigning develop presets and keywords using MIDI controller buttons, but currently Adobe does not provide API for navigation or module settings.

      If you are running on Windows, you might want to try http://paddy-for-lightroom.com it works using Windows events (keyboard, mouse)

  2. Hi,
    I’m using the BCF 2000 Midi controller with your solution and it works perfectly

    However I have few questions :

    – As I’ve seen in your videos you are also using the BCF 2000, will you include few other presets for this device in your next release ?

    – Do you have a map to know which button/fader match which number with the BCF 2000 ? It would be very helpful

    1. I’ll try to add some more presets in the future. The preset is just a text script mapping cc numbers to Camera RAW develop setting names, the plugin itself handles mapping 0-127 midi range to proper value ranges.

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