Pay $ USD.
Payment of $5.00 USD or more will enable you to register plugin with transaction ID.
(+ VAT if you are located in the European Union)

After payment is complete, Paypal will give you a Paypal transaction ID (like 1D3342343468954574Z) or a receipt ID (looks like 1234-1234-1234-1234). This ID will be your license activation key. Please select and copy the transaction ID from Paypal page and paste it into plugin's activation code field in LR's plugin manager to proceed with plugin activation. Please save your Paypal receipt, you might need it for activation in future, in case you reinstall Lightroom.

Note that the license is not dependant on your Lightroom serial number, you can even activate plugin on a trial version of Lightroom.

3 thoughts on “Register

  1. I use Logitech G13 and Wacom Intuos Pro with Lightroom5 to editing my photos,
    Please shoe me How to set up the knobroom to work with the G13
    thank you

  2. Hi, Can I use Knobroom r884 for Lightroom 5 Mac OSX 10.8? (I read it for LR 4.2) If not what version do you recommend? I intend to use it with a BEHRINGER BCR2000. Thank you for your reply, Claudio

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