Knobroom, Lightroom MIDI plugin

Lightroom 4 or later.
Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Download Knobroom release 0.3.1042

Lightroom 6 recommended.

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  1. The full path to the plugin file MUST contain no spaces or else the “Settings” dialog doesn’t work and for me it didn’t even capture any MIDI at all even though it “started up” and you could open the assignment window. This limitation is alluded to on the SUPPORT page, but this info should really be on the INSTALL/DOWNLOAD page here!!!!

    1. Hi Gary,

      I was fascinated by your use of this device and the plug in. Any additional info you can provide would be most useful. If you wrote a tutorial on how to get this system completely up to speed and working, it would be awesome!


  2. Hi,
    This looks really interesting. I have a question, though…
    Using a Nocturn, say I set the (eg) Fill Light to 100 using pot 1 turning fully clockwise. Then I move to another image. This has Fill Light set to 20. If If turn pot 1 back a little, I guess the setting immediately jumps to 95 or something?
    This will surely get confusing if I only wanted to make a small change, as now suddenly the picture is really bright…

    So – is there a similar device to the Nocturn where the pots are digital free spinning to get round this problem?


    1. Nocturn has virtual knobs so this is not a problem for it (or other virtual controllers, such as BCR2000). Knobroom sends MIDI OUT message to controller when picture settings change (e.g. you use mouse to modify, or move between photos) and the controller sets position based on that message. Similarly, motorized faders move into proper positions.

      1. Thanks Jarno, that helped a lot.

        Does your pluggin support LR in Solo mode? Ie using the Nocturn, is it possible to bind the Nocturn’s button(s) to open a given panel, use the knobs to adjust that panel’s controls/sliders, then move to the next panel? (Hope that makes sense!)

          1. Ok, so if I manually select the appropriate panel with the shortcut key (eg Ctrl-5-Detail), can the Nocturn’s knobs then control that panel’s sliders, or always only the ‘Basic’ panel?

          2. Nocturn has page up and page down buttons, basically you assign pages so that e.g. page 1: basic controls (for example MIDI control change 0-7), page 2 hue (cc 8-15), page 3 saturation (cc 16-23), page 4 lightness (cc 24-31). It doesn’t matter how Lightroom UI is setup or which panel is visible.

  3. This is so awesome!
    Thank you very much. Using it with a Noavation Nocturn and it´s working fantastic. Still learning to finetune it using the automap software. One small question: I like to use the alt + Exposure (Fill/blacks…) mode in Lightroom. Pressing alt and turning the knobs doesn´t work, how could I realize this behaviour with your plugin?
    Thank you very much!

    1. I have no plans for Windows port. Knobroom is written in Node.JS, which in theory could be compiled for Windows, but additionally it would need use Windows named pipes, which weren’t really supported last time I looked at Windows Node.JS development. I don’t really use Windows for anything except testing my plugins.

  4. Hi there
    I can not enable the plugin in LR. The error message Im getting is:

    Could not create info section for plugin. ?:0: attempt to call method ‘scrolled view’ (a nil value)

    I assume its because Im trying to install the plugin into LR3. If so, is there still an older version for LR3 available?

  5. Hi,
    I kind of jumped into this head first I am afraid. I thought from watching people edit their photos on Youtube that the Logitech G13 would suit me best. However, now I am here I have no idea what to do. Can you let me know how I would get this working?

    I am in 10.7.2 with LR4.3

    1. I don’t think Logitech G13 is a MIDI device, so if you want to use Knobroom, you need to setup some additional software to convert it into MIDI. Sorry, but I have no experience with such software.

  6. I.m a newbie to this but I thought it would be a good idea – previously I used the Logitech device with some software I bought from a photographer but he never updated for newer versions of Lightroom (4 or 5). I bought the Novation Nocturn device & configured it easly enough – I returned it & got the BCF2000 & have it working but am having trouble figuring out what controls work what – does anyone have 1) a clear explanation of which buttons or which set of presets work what or 2) a better json file than comes with the Knobroom download. A small note – obviousl y I figured out what the basic sliders are as well as the top set of knobs. I can figure out where the Hue Adjustment settings, saturation Adjustment settings etc – for each individual color are mapped etc. Thanks

  7. Hey,
    I don’t know what is going on but every time when I push any button on my korg nano konrol2 it works twice…
    Eg: I set up lens correction ON on one of maker keys, when pushed, it works but when I take my finger from this button it seems to turning off… it is weird because even in history I get two entrys… any button I want to use works twice

    Any ideas what I should to do? I tried change values from momentary to toggle but it seems not work… any ideas?

  8. Hi there,

    I was wondering if it’s possible to use knobroom with a software DAW controller on Android. I tried TouchDAW, but couldn’t get it to work, and I’m not sure whether it can be done.

    Thanks for your time,

  9. It is possible to use knobroom with touchdaw, but you have to manually edit the midi mappings that touchdaw uses. Set touchdaw to midi mode to use your custom mapping and be sure to map the faders and pots like “0xB0, 0x03, 0x7F”. The first two of those values correspond to the value in the knobroom mapping, so for this fader the midi value in knobroom is “0xB003”. The visual editer is limited to channel 0, so if you want to use that, just put all your controls on channel 0xB0 (the first value in touchdaw).

    Also make sure that you start knobroom with the second network session touchdaw provides as input and output, because that is the one using your custom midi mapping.

  10. Amazing plugin, works fine in LR4, but in LR5 when I start knobroom the LR instantly quits.
    Have some trick or configuration to work in LR5?
    I tried with last release and last beta with the same result.
    Thank you very much for the amazing and very helpful plugin!

    1. No idea really, it works fine over here using LR 5.2 and LR 5.3. I suppose it does not even show the MIDI device dialog?

      I’d like to see the console log of Lightroom (as shown in Console app, select the rows and use File -> Save selection), could you please email it to

  11. Hi Jarno, I just watched Youtube video link from discission and I am really surprised. You did a great job which I would really try. Could you please tell me if it is compatible with the latest Lightroom? Thank you.

        1. I don’t think Launch Control supports setting knob positions with MIDI OUT, so you will be missing half of the fun.

  12. Hi!
    Is there any chance to use Knobroom with Windows 8.1 64bit + Lightroom 5.5 + Behringer BCF2000 combo? I’m trying to use Paddy, but it doesn’t work. I can’t make it work. 🙁
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Currently no, because the process communication method I use in Lightroom is different on OS X and Windows.

  13. Hi Jarno, I have tried your plugin, everything works fine, till I closed lightroom, restarted Mac. I try to work with it after two days, but it is not working. Could you please tell me why? How much time do I have to try it?

    1. What happens? Is it still in LR plugins? What happens when you start it from Plugin-Extras?

      There are no time limits or anything, it either works or it doesn’t 😉

  14. It wasnt in LR plugins so I thought that it has to be paid by PayPal. It was the reason for my previous question about time (shareware). I add it to LR plugins again (repeated the whole process) and now it is working. However, sometimes it stops suddenly during the working time, so I have to quit LR and Automap server and start them again. I noticed that sometimes the last window to start knobroom (Select “Automap MIDI” as both ports) does not pop up and knobroom is not workign. The whole proces must be start again.
    I like to work with your plugin and I am glad you did this job for photographers. Now we can focuse on photos not to look at sliders in lightroom. Does the registred version (paid by PayPal) have something more?

    1. There should be some logging in, could you mail those lines to me at

      Also, please include what LR and what plugin build you are running. Some builds had problems with large develop settings (local brushing), which was too large for the buffer, but that should be working currently.

  15. Hi Jarno!

    Just a quick question… Is there a chance we are gonna see those features requested last year such as for instance the “previous” button etc? Did you stop developing the plugin or am I missing something?

    Best regards,

    Matteo Indri

  16. Hi Jarno, is there any configuration that I could change in order make the response time shorter?

    I use the TOUCH OSC app from my android and the MIDI MONITOR app in my MAC shows me that the MIDI information arrive very fast, but the lightroom takes a little bit more time to apply the new value from every slider.

    Thanks in advanced!!!

  17. Hi Jarno,

    Awesome software, nearly got it to work, just 2 important thing that didn’t work is the exposure and contracts on lightroom. Using knobroom with nanoKontrol2, I am editing it on a RAW file and temperature & tint works well. just these 2. I really need exposure to work, please please help me out. I am desperate 🙂


    1. Got it working now :). After I restarted a few times, its finally working.

      Upon using it, everything is good, except on LR4, when I delete a photo, it comes up with an error and knobroom/nanoKontrol stopped working each time. Its pretty frustrating because I have to restart knobroom every time, not sure if its the LR4 problem or the Knobroom. Have you heard on this problem before? Thanks 🙂

  18. Hi!
    Mac – Lightroom 5.6 – knobroom r1026 – TouchOSC through Bridge

    Problem: CoreMIDI In/Out can’t be found =(

    and I have not found the map to knobroom and used by Paddy

    Thank U!

  19. Some sort of midi learn function would make this incredibly easy compared to its current state. I’d love to join a mailing list for updates as you release new versions.

    My Maschine ( outputs midi on channels 1-16, but Knobroom doesn’t allow me to switch away from ch0 in the mapping pane of the plugin settings. Do you have a workaround for this?

    Also! It would be great if your ‘note’ dropdown could show chromatic notes like G#-1, A-1, A#1, B-1, C0, C#0, D0, D#0, etc. Maybe with a check box to switch between straight midi (1-127) and chromatic notes?

    1. Unfortunately, the current architecture does not allow the plugin to communicate when there are any UI dialogs shown, show currently it is not even possible to create learning functions.

      In future, this might change with LR6’s new socket support, but I’m still limited by the poor UI features of the Lightroom SDK. I don’t know how feasibile it is to create better configuration tool, since it takes awful hacks to create anything dynamic with LR UI components.

      The .json file can contain channel numbers, but the current UI is more limited.

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