Knobroom and Korg nanoKontrol

Sean McCormack has created a video of Knobroom used with a Korg nanoKontrol. It has non-motorized slides and knobs, so when adjusting a new picture, you first have to slide to old value, then the slider will start controlling the new value. (I think that is what I saw on the video. That’s how world operated before the motorized faders came affordable 🙂

Thanks for the effort, Sean!

I do have a Akai LPD-8 controller in the closet, I probably should investigate how it works with the current version. Akai has 8 velocity sensitive buttons (think of it as a small drum pad) and 8 rotary knobs.

I’m also working on the 0.2 release, which has been taking a bit longer than I had hoped. One of the excuses is that I’m replacing the control assignment display. It was already a bit slow to initialize, and there will be many more options in the future releases, so it also needs some kind of grouping.

ps. I was fully aware of the double meaning when I named the software – I hope it’s at least very hard to forget the name once you realize it… 🙂