Thomann BCF2000 sale

Looks like Thomann has just dropped the price of BCF2000 MIDI controller, it’s now at 125-129 euros (depending on your domestic VAT).

Behringer BCF 2000 White

Doesn’t seem to be in stock currenly – “shipment due to arrive on 10.12.2010”, but this is still the cheapest price I’ve seen for it.



4 thoughts on “Thomann BCF2000 sale

    1. Right, perhaps I should have emphasized that cheapest in Europe 🙂 Blue model is now more expensive, it used to be other way around.

  1. hi. i bought a novation nocturn today and don’t get it to work (i’m not from the midi world). is there a tutorial or step by step guidance how to set up automap and knobroom? thanks for any help! greetings, namor

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