Current alpha version is only developed and tested using Novation Nocturn controller. In theory, any continuous controller should work, but it might need some additional configuration. Novation comes with its own Automap software which allows customizing the controls. I am using Nocturn simply because it is one of the most affordable ones.

The controls are mapped as follows


CC #0 Exposure
CC #1 Recovery
CC #2 Fill Light
CC #3 Blacks
CC #4 Brightness
CC #5 Contrast
CC #6 WB Color Temperature
CC #7 WB Color Tint


CC #8 Red
CC #9 Yellow
CC #10 Green
CC #11 Blue
CC #12 Purple

CC #127 Debug: ready

There are several kinds of continuous controllers available. Nocturn is “virtual” controller, meaning that the knobs spin endlessly and they have array of leds showing the current position. Positions can be re-programmed on the fly using MIDI out.

Another suitable type is motorized controllers, where the knobs or faders change their physical position when MIDI out messages are sent. Behringer BCF-2000 is an example of that kind of controller.

Thomann is the largest music store in Europe, they have several suitable controllers on their list:

Novation Nocturn

Behringer BCF2000
Behringer BCF2000 (white)

Behringer BCR2000

Korg nanoKontrol (black)
Korg nanoKontrol