Known issues

  • Fails to start if plugin path contains spaces (thanks to Alistair Graham for pointing this out)
  • Creates excessive amounts of .lrtemplate files into trash. Lightroom stores plugin develop settings in files and when updating it, it moves the old file to trashcan. Just empty trashcan to get rid of these.
  • Creates excessive amounts of history into photo (Develop -> Clear History). Each manipulation is saved as its own history entry. Normally Lightroom only creates history entry when the mouse button is lifted from the slider, but plugins do not have such luxury.
  • Cropping is not supported. Plugin API does not support it.
  • When browsing through pictures, MIDI out messages are only sent out once Lightroom has rendered the on-screen image. If you do not wait for it to complete, your controller will adjust values based on the previous picture.
  • Adjusting non-RAW formats is not yet supported. (WB Temperature is different)
  • Black&White mix is not yet supported. (Hue mixer should be replaced with it when BW)