Known issues

  • Fails to start if plugin path contains spaces (thanks to Alistair Graham for pointing this out)
  • Creates excessive amounts of .lrtemplate files into trash. Lightroom stores plugin develop settings in files and when updating it, it moves the old file to trashcan. Just empty trashcan to get rid of these.
  • Creates excessive amounts of history into photo (Develop -> Clear History). Each manipulation is saved as its own history entry. Normally Lightroom only creates history entry when the mouse button is lifted from the slider, but plugins do not have such luxury.
  • Cropping is not supported. Plugin API does not support it.
  • When browsing through pictures, MIDI out messages are only sent out once Lightroom has rendered the on-screen image. If you do not wait for it to complete, your controller will adjust values based on the previous picture.
  • Adjusting non-RAW formats is not yet supported. (WB Temperature is different)
  • Black&White mix is not yet supported. (Hue mixer should be replaced with it when BW)

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  1. When I start lightroom from the Lightroom application app on my dock (working on an intel mac), I get two Knobroom startup windows. They go through the routine, but the second one pauses at “task complete” and won’t go away. It locks up lightroom at that point. I don’t have this problem if I open lightroom from the plugin file. Any ideas? I’ve checked for duplicate copies of the plugin, but I only have one.


    1. Interesting, never heard about such thing! I guess you already tried uninstalling the plugin and that makes both of the copies to go away?

    2. Same problem here, except that starting Lightroom from the plugin file makes no difference. Can’t install the plugin at all, since the only way to get out of the hung “task complete” dialog is to force-quit Lightroom (and the plugin isn’t there when you restart). OS X 10.5.8 on Intel with Behringer BCR2000.

    3. Was this problem fixed? I have the same problem as well. Lightroom was working fine and I downloaded the Nik software trial and when I restarted LR the Knobroom startup windows popup and the second one doesn’t go away. I have to force quit LR.

    1. Currently, the white balance temperature and tint only affect RAW photos. Rest of the adjustment sliders are the same for both types of photos.

      1. Thanks, it was strange played today with it and noticed if moved both my tint and temp sliders they would change when working with a jpeg. Totally useless as you could not really control the change plus it was temp and tint together. Think this will get addressed soon? Also, can multiple devices be used at once by utilizing different channels? Simply because I bought the nanokontrol2 and with no way to have scenes it is impossible to control everything with just 8 sliders and 8 knobs.

        1. As I said, JPEG temp/tint is not yet supported, its different slider than RAW temp/tint and with different ranges (IncrementalTempere +-100 vs Temperature 2000-50000).

          Only single device is supported and the channel numbers are currently ignored, though I’m considering adding support for individual channels. One way to cope with several devices is to use external MIDI tools to combine messages into one virtual device (MIDI Patchbay is one OSX utility).

  2. Hi!

    I bought a Novation Nocturn and downloaded the Knobroom plugin a few days ago. The whole concept is really cool and useful, but there’s one really big thing thats bothering me! The first knob on the left (nr 1), and the x-fader to some extent, seems to have a life of its own! When in LR (and not otherwise) the knob 1 keeps flipping from 1 to 127 and back again making it useless to assign to a slider and creates an excessive amount of history. Also the Automation software is indicating that the x-fader is being used from time to time without me touching it. I’m using a Mac OS X Lion and the latest LR release. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

      1. Hi! Thanks for the quick response! No, the MIDI Monitor shows that everything is giving out signals as it’s supposed to, and in the Automap every knob has the same range.

  3. Hi !

    Great job on Knobroom !!
    Im using self-built keypad with sliders and knobs.
    I`ve built it using microcontroller and usb-midi adapter.
    There`s a little problem that knobroom doesn`t accept Windows Generic Midi/audio devices. Now i`m using transition from device – loopBe1 and back to get it work.

    IMHO using generic windows drivers can pop up your LR Plugin usage. On first site you consider non gpl licence and that`s OK !



      1. Hi !

        I`m sending CC events. Knobroom works fine with it as long as i use middleware (running midiOX with port mapped to LoopBE internal midi driver). In other apps device works good without any addons. Maybe knobroom isn`t initializing usb MIDI converter or something like that and it stays numb ?

  4. Hi Jarno,

    Great work developing these plugins! I have a quick question before I go and buy a controller: if I buy a motorised slide controller, such as the Behringer BCF2000 am I correct to assume that as I move from one processed picture to another the sliders will automatically move to reflect the status of the eight controls? Or will the sliders remain at whatever levels were left previously (or return to origin)?



  5. Ok, one strange behaviour I’m noticing in Knobroom. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m using a Nocturn (mapped with Automap 4.2.0), and of course Knobroom (0.1.8).

    The short version: the settings on the dials on my Nocturn aren’t reflecting the values of the photos I switch to.

    I have CC#0 mapped to temperature in Knobroom, and also to a dial on my Nocturn. If I use that dial to up the temperature value in an image, the image of course gets yellower, and the lights around that dial show that increased setting. If I then go to another photo, and I touch this same dial (even if only a tiny bit), that photo immediately, and unexpectedly, gets the same temperature setting as the first photo I edited with that dial (with lights indicating that setting level).

    If I then set the temperature on that second photo to a very low value (very blue), and I go to edit temperature in a third photo, it’s _that_ very blue value that gets assigned to the third photo.

    Summary: if I go to a new, unedited photo, it gets the temperature value from the last edited photo I was on, e.g. if I click on the very blue photo and go to a new one, that new photo gets the very blue value. If I click on the very yellow photo and go to a new one, that new one gets the very yellow value. Waiting until the images have fully loaded in Lightroom doesn’t solve the issue.

    It’s only when photo has already been edited with the temperature dial that it keeps that value when I go back to it.

    Strangely, I did have the exact same problem with the dial assigned to exposure, but now that behaviour has stopped, I can’t replicate it (in fact, when I first started to write this post, it was all about exposure, but I had to change it to temperature when I couldn’t replicate the problem). I’d sure like all of my mapped settings to work this way!

    Do you think that this is an Automap issue, or a Knobroom issue? I’m sure that I read elsewhere that virtual controls (like those on my Nocturn) set themselves to the values of whatever photo you switch to. Can I solve this issue with the installations of Automap or Knobroom that I have at the moment?

    I’d be happy to send you the saved Automap settings, if that would help.



  6. I’ve got exactly the same issue as Chas, although after further experimentation, I would say that the setting from the Nocturn dial is being absolutely applied to the slider.
    E.G. when I start up Automap all of the dials on the Nocturn default to Zero.
    After starting LR and Knobroom, when I select an image and touch the dial for exposure, the image will jump to -4 stops = Zero position.
    So it seems that the middle position (6) on the dial is mapped to Zero on the sliders, while 0 = Minus all and 11 = plus all.

    It does exactly the same in Paddy as well, which suggests it may be an Automap feature.

    1. I’m investigating some new integration features, so don’t hold your breath just yet. LR4 SDK isn’t even out yet, maybe there’s some new stuff coming for developers as well…

  7. Hi Jarno,

    First, thanks for developing this, it is really gonna help my editing and save me hours. I have Lightroom 3 on a Mac (Mac OS X 10.5.8) and I purchased the Novation Nocturn. I installed the most recent software for the Nocturn first, then added Knobroom as a plug-in in Lightroom.

    Knobroom was added successfully and launches when I start Lightroom, however when I added it as a plug-in, it did not automatically prompt me with a device selection list and I cannot figure out how to manually pair the Nocturn with Lightroom so that it opens when Lightroom/Knobroom does.

    Thanks for all your help.


    1. So, you can see the progress dialog, but the MIDI device selection never shows up? Could it be a path issue (there’s a known problem with paths with spaces in it, the plugin fails to encode path to server…)?

      Also, see if there is some related debug log shown in the Console, it might tell what the problem is.

      1. Yes, the dialog process shows and is very quick, and then once it completes that is it. The MIDI device selection never appears and I am not sure how to manually locate it. Any suggestions?

        As far as I know, there is no related debug log that appears in the console.

        Thanks for your help.


  8. Hi Jarno

    I was wondering when there will be support for lightroom 4 as well?
    I just bought a Behringer BCR2000 for lightroom 4. hope to see lightromm 4 support soon.

  9. Hi Jarno, great effort – many thanks! I had a BCF2000 sitting around and would love to get it to work on my Mac. MIDI Controls software shows it’s working. In Lightroom the Plugin shows up as installed, I can activate and deactivate, but only the window for “Assigned Controls” shows up – the “Settings” window just won’t appear, when I go to the menu.
    Any idea what to try?

    And additionally: is a BCF2000 preset available somewhere as download?

    Many thanks and please keep it up!

  10. LOL – me again – works now – path issue! Funny thing is my default paths read: Library > Application Support > … and I changed the install to another directory. Did the trick 🙂

  11. Love the idea of this plug-in. I bought a nocturn but can’t get the plug in to do anything with it. Nocturn only has Speed dial lit, and that is only when the auto map server is running.

    Knobroom plugin status is enabled in lightroom. But the control surface doesn’t do anything. The plug-in UI only show
    ->Plug-in Author Tools

    I don’t see any midi channel mapping. Where have I gone wrong in my setup?

      1. Oh I see it now. looks like the mapping is in there. I’m still unable to get the nocturn to display any settings from lightroom or modify any. What would be the next apropriate step?

  12. I’m running LR 4.3 on ML 10.8.2.
    Can’t get the nocturn to work.
    I loded the mapping files both at the automap server and at the plugin manager.
    I see the cc move at the server but it doesn’t influence LR at all.
    what should I do?
    Are there instruction anywhere?

      1. It does, indeed! Got my Nocturn yesterday and started working with it. It is a great way to do the editing, thank you very much for your work!

        Another question: the pick/reject mapping does not seem to do anythin, is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

  13. Hi Jarno,

    I’ve just try knobroom (with one control only from a midi keyboard…) , and it seems to fit exactly what I was looking to post process my pictures, thanks for what you’ve done !

    I’m gonna get a BCR2000 to enjoy it, but I was wondering if it was possible to add more control in the plug-in list you provide. There are some options in LR5 that are not listed like upright mode for example, the option to compare before/after on the same screen, or “J” shortcut for white/black part of the photo ?

    Is there a way to modify this, or do you plan to create an update to get all LR5 controls?

    Thanks a lot!

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