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  1. how were you able to utilize bcf2000’s motorized total recall? i have the blue version and the faders does not remember the settings when i change to another image i’m using mac osx 10.6.4

    please advise..

    thank you so much for creating this plugin!! i have been waiting for this.. for years!!

    1. Currently, the plugin listens to control changes on any channel, but it can only program controllers for single channel. On the startup, it asks for the output channel – typically you should select channel 1. If the channel is not correct, the changes do work, but the sliders are not reprogrammed correctly.

      The other possibility to is that Knobroom somehow confuses the MIDI ports, the ports are assigned by names only, but if you have only single BCF-2000 that shouldn’t be the case!

      Hope this helps!

  2. thank you for the reply..
    now on the start up i did select channel 1. and it did not recognize the setting changes therefore the faders did not automatically move to it’s proper position.
    so if channel 1 does not work, should I try all the other channels and maybe one of them will work?

    and I am only using only one BCF-2000 so i’m guessing midi ports confusion may not be the case.

    btw, I am using the BCF-2000 through the USB connection. would it be possible that if i use the MIDI connection the problem could be solved?

    thanks again

  3. Hi been trying to get this running with a BCR2000 startup fails. says opening midi port for a couple of minutes then goes back to light room.

    OS X 10.6.4
    lightroom 3.2

    Any advise would be great thanks.

  4. I picked up the BCF2000, exactly like the one in the video. I think I have the wrong presets and can’t seem to get the sliders to work like the video.

    I’m using a mac os x 10.6.4.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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