v0.2 alpha builds

As many of you have noticed, there is automatic build of Knobroom 0.2 available at http://capturemonkey.com/beta

These are on-the-edge versions from source repository, not tested and highly unstable versions. I’m planning to implement a couple of more features before actually releasing a more stable beta.

For issue and feature management, I’ve set up a repository at https://github.com/jarnoh/knobroom/issues If you run into any issues, please submit a ticket there.

Here’s some features from my to-do list for the beta version:

  • using accessibility API
  • increment/decrement step mode for CC controls
  • 14bit CC mode
  • color labels
  • pick/reject
  • rating
  • applying develop presets (step mode)
  • view filters
  • metadata presets
  • mapping UI improvements



101 thoughts on “v0.2 alpha builds

  1. Great stuff, Jarno!

    Good to see that both of the issues I encountered so far are on the issues list.

    Would you care to elaborate on some of the points on your to do list?
    I’m especially curious about these:
    using accessibility API
    increment/decrement step mode for CC controls
    applying develop presets (step mode)
    view filters
    mapping UI improvements

    I’m just guessing that the top one is about how to make Knobroom interact woith Lightroom…
    The second one I believe is about for instance about using the same CC# for two buttons, one for increasing, one for decreasing the value…
    Third one is for applying a develop preset with a button press? (When you say “step mode” do you mean that the CC# is just mapped to a on/off button or is that a complete separate mode where all controls only work as on/off switches?)
    View filters: As in for instance only show 5 stars and red marked images?
    Mapping UI improvements: Is about the Knobroom mapping procedure in the Plug in manager?

    I hope these questions might help us all understand where this is heading… I’m super excited in any case already!


    1. Accessibility means using Lightroom’s UI sliders to adjust develop settings. I’ve had high hopes for faster photo develop API, but looks I have to use dirty (or direct) tricks. First prototype I made of Knobroom (LR2 era) used this direct method, so it’s not totally new thing…

      Incremental/step mode is MIDI mode where turning of knob sends relative adjustment, it allows things like stepping through preset folder one preset at a time just by turning a knob. Or using a knob to navigate through photos.
      Applying single preset by press of a button is actually implemented, but its just not in the mapping UI.

      View filters are in Lightroom’s Library menu, filter by preset.

      And all these need to be added into the UI.

          1. The Github system seems pretty efficient indeed.
            Just added some (lots) requests, couldn’t find how to labels them though.

            If I/we can be of any help, let us know.

  2. Wow! Good news!:)

    Already questions..
    I’m not expert in MIDI – what mean “export MIDI mapping” and how I can adjust my “Nocturn” for working with LR4 now?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Import loads mapping file (try Nocturn.json for starters, there’s also Automap file in the same directory…), Export button just saves out what is currently set, so you don’t lose any customisations. And if you are brave enough, the mapping is in JSON format which is quite easy to understand (it is still work in progress, so it might change someday)

      1. Wow! I just managed to get a BCR2000 simple version going by mapping the parameters in the MIDI Mapping part of the LR Plug-in Manager, then exporting the mapping, then via “show package contents”, duplicating, renaming .json into .txt, then fitting my newly mapped values into the BCF2000_simple copy, checking for double usage of controllers and fixing those, saving my edit and renaming the file into BCR2000_simple_edit.json…
        Still a work in progress, but this way I’m able to use first/last etc. with my BCR scheme… What I still don’t know is how to achieve CCinc or CCbtn as those lines look just like normal CC controller instructions to me… (and not completely sure what CCinc (CC incremental? & CC button?) actually mean and when it’s best to use those…)

        In any case: This is all fabulous and exciting! Now I only need to find a way to assign a shortcut to adjustment brush presets… πŸ˜‰


        1. “CCinc” (for incremental) and “CCbtn” (momentary button) are currently work in progress, CCinc does not work, and CCbtn isn’t available from the UI. CCbtn is just immediately sending zero value to clear out button press, it is meant e.g. applying presets using button or for navigation buttons.

  3. It’s really coming along… Thank you, Jarno!

    I got the BCR2000 today and am quite happy with how things are working together now… Posted more findings / ideas / requests via Github.


  4. Hey Jarno!

    Is it possible / do you have plans to be able to limit certain sliders in order to get a higher resolution out of midi controllers?

    The BCR 2000 that I’ve got has 127 steps on a knob. Using a knob to change whitebalance I can only change it in 100k increments. If, say I could limit the range that the knob controlled the slider (say from 2400k up to something like 7-8 00k?) one could change the whitebalance more accurately.

    Is this something that could be integrated?

    Also, since I’ve got a BCR 2000 would you be interested in having my buttons map to include as a preset in knobroom?

    1. I guess the incremental/step mode would solve this problem fine, since then you could adjust in small steps, instead of mapping to whole range.

      Sure, I could include it in the package. You can either email me at jarnoh@knobroom.com or maybe we could distribute those in github.

  5. Great to see you working on this again. Very exciting!

    A quick question, I replaced the preset (Lightroom – Zero) with one of my own, trying both the preset ID (top of file) and the uuid (bottom of file). Both throw an error of missing value.

    Could you point as to how to manually bind a preset while you work on the UI implementation?

    1. Missing value, when loading the JSON file? Maybe a syntax error?

      Anyway, r689 has a popup menu for presets πŸ™‚ It can’t set “momentary” mode yet, but if you can live with led staying on, it should be fine.

      1. Thanks Jarno. Not when loading the file, when using the bind to apply the preset.

        “An internal error has occurred.
        ?:0: attempt to index a nil value”

        Fantastic! I have r689 installed but can’t find the pop-up under Plugin Manager or Plugin Extras. Am I missing something obvious? πŸ™‚

        1. Ok, there’s probably no check if the the preset is not found, and in your case its probably just different ID…

          The popup I’m talking about is in Plugin Manager, under MIDI Mapping:


          1. Absolute awesomeness, thanks Jarno!

            So, so glad you’re back on this plugin. I’ll be donating once the beta is out πŸ™‚

  6. (R689): Development Preset maps and works great! Wonderful! πŸ™‚
    Asked on Github already: What is Enable Paint Based Corrections for? Is it just like “K” as a shortcut? In any case It maps fine, but I cannot see what it does…

    Amazing to see this continuously grow! Thank you!


    1. It should toggle adjustment brush on/off (same as the toggle next to reset/close buttons). Adjustment brush presets would require event stuffing (there is no API available), so it is probably not happening in near future.

  7. Hi! And thanks for forever changing the way I use lightroom… πŸ™‚
    Is there a way to map particular crop ratios or is it the same unfortunate story as the adjustment brush presets?

  8. just activated the Knobroom for Lightroom.. using BCF2000

    This is such a great addition to my work flow.. thank you so much Jarno!

    Can’t wait for the Flag/Color Label and the “Previous” button to be added..!

  9. Can’t get it to work…
    After importing a mapping in the plug-in manager, shouldn’t I see a list in the “Base”-tab?
    Starting Knobroom gives me: “An internal error has occurred: bad argument # 1 to ‘?’ (string expected, got nil)”.

    1. Yes you should see a list. What mapping did you try to import?

      If the mapping isn’t set up correctly, it probably does crash on startup.

    1. I second this motion. I only learned about Knobroom by trying (and enjoying) VSCO Keys, then subsequently searching for cheaper alternatives. Please let us know if you plan on supporting this feature, otherwise I will get VSCO.

  10. Hi and congrats on the cool work,
    I downloaded the app, the bcf template, contributed and am very please to see a very nice futur with that… only downside, it makes my computer feel old. : )

    I got the bcf to make a few adjustment but don’t see any logic in it, maybe I’m in the wrong mode. It is now in babyHui (I read you mentionned it in on one of your posts) and got the 4 pages to do Β¨someΒ¨ random things

    So is the bcf current? I read you use Nocturn. Or should I re-assign the… knobs?

    PS this is a re-post, was first on the wrong forum… thanks

    1. Babyhui is not (yet) supported, the vcf mapping is using regular CC mode (I think it was the mode BCF was shipped with, and you can change to it by holding top left button down on power-on)

  11. Hi Jarno.
    I just saw your work and I think it is awesome.
    I’m a newcomer in everything related with MIDI controllers but I’d like to use the Novation Nocturn to adjust my images… Is there any possibility to read a guide to install everything ok?


    1. Unfortunately things aren’t that far yet, since the setup is usually different depending on the MIDI controller.

      Basically, you need to install the plugin, load mapping (and modify it if you wish), ensure that your controller has same mappings (there’s a ready made Nocturn automap file inside the plugin mappings folder), then just start the plugin and select MIDI port.

        1. You certainly will. Although, if you can, push to the Behringer BCR2000. It’s amazing.

          Knobs are easier and more accurate than sliders (I had the slider version, the BCF2000, previously).

  12. Just got a BCR 2000 to use with your awesome software. I have the midi in working great with LR 4 but the LED’s don’t seem to update when I move the sliders in LR. Also– if the slider is set to an extreme position it just jumps to that automatically.

    I just want to say this software is amazing. The first time I used lightroom I was hoping someone would make this software. Going to make a donation now. πŸ™‚

  13. Figured it out. I had some duplicated settings that were interferring. Love this product so much. The first time I used lightroom I thought to myself that MIDI controls would be the perfect complement. Thanks so much for making it happen!!

  14. Is anyone willing to make a video or screencast demonstrating Knobroom in action? I don’t have a midi controller to play with, but I’m willing to get one if this is as cool as I suspect it is.

  15. Hi!

    Thanks for this wonderful plugin. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work.

    Using Windows 8 64bit with Lightroom 4.3 and a Akai MPKmini.

    When starting the plugin via File->Plugin Extras I get
    1) a error β€œAn internal error has occurred: bad argument # 1 to β€˜?’ (string expected, got nil)”
    2) a “open file with..” dialog. when I choose notepad it contains: “#!/bin/sh
    NODE_PATH=node_modules; ./node Knobroom.js”

    in the Plugin Manager the list is empty. Even after a import of a preset. I can’t add own ones either, I just dont have enough horizontal space (the 4th dropdown is already only shown half, and i guess the “add” button would be behind that.

    What I’m looking for to do with this plugin is the following, expecting it not to work (maybe I have a chance it may get implemented?):
    The MPKmini has 8 knobs, 8 pads (another 8 after a pad bank switch button), and a keyboard.
    My goal is to use the knobs for each section in developer mode (Basic, Tone Curve, HSL, Split toning etc), to which I can jump with the 8 pads. So pad 1 and 2 would be for basic (2 pads here because 11 sliders.) pad 3 for tone curve etc.
    And the keyboard to bind it to presets.

    The pad thing is something that currently would not work at all I guess? Some way to make that do?

    1. For now, we are Mac OS X only, sorry πŸ˜‰

      Knobroom is written in Node.js and while it is avaiable for Windows, I have not actually tried linking it. Additionally, the interface used to connect Knobroom to Lightroom needs to be implemented separately for Windows, and I have no idea what is the current state of Node.js implementation of Windows named pipes.

  16. Great to see this moving along.
    For Windows, try Paddy at Paddy-for-Lightroom.com. Does the same thing in a different way.

    Jarno, let’s get together again re: midi mapping and node.js. I am not sure what you are using now as technology (similar to my addressing of controls directly?) , but maybe we can port this somehow to make the windows implementations compatible.

    1. As always, I’m using LR plugin with native server process – plugin does the LR related stuff and the server process does the MIDI interface. Plugin is Lua (as required by Lightroom) and server is now written in Node.JS (JavaScript envinroment). To enable Windows support, I’d have to build binaries for Windows (easy) but I’d also need to implement communication with the plugin using Windows named pipes. I haven’t even investigated how much work it is, since I no longer have Windows computer at home πŸ˜‰

  17. I’m running LR 4.3 on ML 10.8.2.
    Can’t get the nocturn to work.
    I loded the mapping files both at the automap server and at the plugin manager.
    I see the cc move at the server but it doesn’t influence LR at all.
    what should I do?
    Are there instruction anywhere?

    1. I’ve managed to make it work.
      Ver 0.1 started automatically, in Ver 0.2 I needed to choose File -> Plug-in Extras -> Start Knobroom.
      Thank you for the reply via email.

  18. Any updates Jarno?

    The crash bug (if you’ve used a brush over a large portion of the image), is rather frustrating after a while!

    1. Sorry, it’s been a little slow with updates, I’ve been suffering with tennis elbow for couple of months.

      I’ve done some updates, its just that they are really random fragments here and there, and because of lack of “coherence”, I’ve disabled the automatic builds for now.

  19. Hi, not sure if anyone can advise but Knobroom was working fine but now when I try & start KR from the LR plug-in extras menu I no longer get the Midi In, Midi Out dialog so none of my controls are working. Everything ‘looks’ OK – KR is showing installed and running in the plug-in manager, all the lights are on on my BCR2000 and it’s showing up OK in the Mac system info dialog. Am I doing something stupid??

    1. If the in/out dialog does not appear, it could mean that the server process is not starting or it is crashing. There could be some helpful logging in Console application.

      1. Thanks Jarno. Just tried to start KR again & it works fine. No idea what happened but if it does it again I’ll take a look at the logs & see if there are any obvious errors.

        1. OK that didn’t last long. Ran for about 3 minutes and then stopped working again. Stopped KR & tried to restart but go no midi in/out message. Had a look in the logs but it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Any idea where I should be looking for errors? Thanks john

          1. Do you use lots of brush painting? There might be some issues with those photos since I rarely do what much brushing.

            You can click clear on the Console app before running and the system.log view under files is a bit cleaner to look at. Knobroom should send few messages back and forth, if you have trouble reading those lines, you can mail those rows to me jarnoh@knobroom.com and I can take a look.

  20. Thanks again Jarno. I think you might be right re the brushing. The photos that I’m currently working on do all have a lot of exposure adjustments made via the brush. I’ve been testing it on some different photos that have no brushing and all seems OK. I then went back to one of my ‘brushed’ images and made a simple global exposure change and then clicked next on the midi and it crashed again. Not much in the logs that I can see however – just a task failed message with no detail. Let me know if you want me to send anything over for debugging purposes. John

  21. Having the same issue as well… (I guess…) I haven’t double checked why Knobroom isn’t working anymore for me… But I do indeed use a lot of brush adjustments in my work so that might be a valid reason… Is there anything we can do to help getting this resolved?


  22. I have problem to run with bcf2000. Plugin is already installed, but there is one problem in log : **** Error 1

    Could not create info sections for plug-in.
    ?:0: attempt to call method ‘scrolled_view’ (a nil value)

    And there is no response from bcf2000.

    Some suggestions ? its very important for me. Thanks for the help
    Lightroom 3.5, OSX Lion.

    1. For current version only Lightroom 4.x is supported.

      There might be a possibility to create LR3.x compatible version, but I haven’t really looked at it. The scrolled view is required for the plugin manager, so it probably be removed, but then there wouldn’t be any UI to configure the MIDI controller.

      You could try the previous version, which was designed for LR3, but it won’t be updated anymore:

    1. Yes – TouchOSC. Found it to be too inaccurate (due to the nature of the smooth screen / glass surface) to make fine adjustments.

      Incomparable to the BCR2000. If you’re interested in MIDI control, this is the hardware to buy. Fine control using the knobs is fantastic.

  23. Anyone… Please help me. I don’t know what I doing. =)
    I have BCR2000 and Macbook pro 10.8.3

    In Lightroom
    Plug-in Manage -> I did “import mapping”
    used this file https://github.com/jarnoh/knobroom/raw/master/mapping/BCR_2000_byMaxEdin.json
    All the numbers show up on mapping.

    When I start the Knobroom, it ask me to select port
    MIDI In has BCR2000 Port 1 and 2
    MIDI Out has BCR2000 Port 1, 2 and 3

    I did select different combinations and so far no luck.

    What am I missing here? I see few people using BCR2000 no problem.
    Anything I need to do at BCR2000?

    Appreciate for any help.


  24. Hi Jarno,

    Many thanks for the great work! It really useful and saved the develop time.

    After a few messy hours, finally i have found the way for KR to work with my old Oxygen8 (M-Audio), because of the different mapping of slider, wheel and knobs by default (CC, channel), The Oxygen8 will not work at first try.

    So, I writing the following steps for whom still using the old Oxygen8 like me.

    I am running, LR4 in ML10.8.3.

    I assumed, you already installed the M-Audio USB Driver (The latest version is 3.4.0, if not, try get it at M-Audio website), I also tested with the old version of USB driver (3.2.2), it works smoothly.

    or get it here.

    The good application MIDI Monitor from the following link can help to know the default setting of the knobs, slider, wheel of Oxygen8 which really useful for MIDI mapping in KR.


    The Oxygen8 has 8 knobs, 2 wheels and 1 slider, 25 keys. The most knobs are default MIDI CH=1, except the knob #3 is CH=3 and knob#4 is CH=4.

    Here are the steps to make it work.

    – Run the MIDI Monitor to see the CC, CH that correspondent with the controllers by try adjust the knobs, slider, wheel and see the value in MIDI Monitor. then looking for CH (Channel) and CC # write it down. You will get the value from the knobs 1-8 with this order (CH/CC#) 1/3, 1/78, 3/1, 4/82, 1/16, 1/80, 1/19, 1/2. And the Modulation Wheel is 1/1, The Data Entry Slider is 1/7, The Pitch Wheel is not useable for mapping i guess.

    – Run LR, then re-mapping KR with above CC # you have noted.

    But, still have problem because the knob #3 and #4 still not work because of the default channel is not set to 1 (KR work only CH=1), The solution is re-program the knob #3, #4 to CH=1, here are the steps.

    – At the Oxygen8, Press [MIDI/Select] button
    – Press the ‘F’ key on keyboard (the 4th white key from left, with label Set CTRL)
    – The display showing [ n– ], enter [ 3 ] for the first knob number to program
    – then, press [ Enter ] (the last white key on the right hand)
    – The display showing [ P– ], enter [ 31 ] for the new CC Number (I just quick pick up combination from the knob#3 & port#1), then press enter
    – The display showing [ C– ], enter [ 1 ] for the new MIDI CH number, press enter
    – The display showing [ — ], enter [ 1 ], press enter (not sure why 1, but it work!)
    – then, press [ MIDI/Select ] button to apply
    – redo for the knob#4 with the CC# you want

    ** To make it work, The new CC# must be re-map in KR

    Then, It should be work fine.

    After working with Oxygen8, it really save the develop time, In my point of view, some of the following need to be improve for better control.

    – Oxygen8 (or may be another MIDI controller), a bit delay of response (Acceptable, not so sure the delay came from LR or KR)
    – The slider (Data Entry) and The wheel (Modulation) are not +1 step of increment/decrement (minimum step is +/- 4 or more which sometime is not help for color development, really hard to fine tune)
    – The sensitivity of the knobs require some experience for better control (Not so sure the real problem were from, may be from the different of Min/Max value of LR parameter (-100 to +100 or 200 in range) and the real control value of the knobs (MIDI, 0 to 127)
    – Not so sure it only the Oxygen8 or may be other controller, The keyboards (The Note) always return 2 events with 1 press (pressed+depressed), so it useless for me to mapping with any event. (I mapped for prev/next for photo selection, but it always skip 1 photo because of 2 events sent)
    – Nice to have the Auto-update/Auto-start after MIDI mapping

    Anyway, still love it πŸ˜‰
    Many thanks!

  25. Hey, thank you for this great plugin, and all your hard work!

    I’m having one major issue with the plugin, and I’m surprised because it seems nobody has brought it up.

    Whenever I try to delete a photo, I get an “internal error” message. Having to restart the plugin every time I delete a photo will slow down my workflow, even slower than before I had the plugin.

    I tried your newer “unstable” version, where I think you mentioned the problem would be fixed, but I still get the error.

    Anybody have a solution?

    1. Well, it is a known problem but it hasn’t really bothered me, since I very rarely delete photos. I tag photos as rejected and then do the deletion maybe once a month, when my laptop runs out of space πŸ˜‰

  26. As this is not a support forum, I try to make replying to my question/problem as easy as possible:

    I have LR5.2 and BCF2000. I installed the latest version of Knobroom and imported the BCF mapping there.

    I do not have previous experience on MIDI controllers, but I was able to put the BCF to U1 mode (I assume this is the correct, USB mode) and then when starting the Knobroom it shows me my BCF and allows me to pick IN/OUT ports (offers ports 1 and 2 for both). I have tested all the combinations.

    However, when I move sliders in develop module, nothing happens. Nothing, nil, nada.

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong as by reading all the comments, people seem to almost ‘plug ‘n play’ their BCFs (except mapping of course). Am I missing some important step? Am I doing the things in correct order?

    I also have LR4 still installed, but the same result there, when I tested.

    Any help would be highly appreciated…

  27. Hi Jarno!
    I bought the novation especially after knowing about knobroom, so thanks in advice for that.
    I have an issue although, which is that after adding to the row values to control luminance, hue and saturation with the faders (one page for each), nothing seems to happen. I also tried mapping parametric adjustments, vignette mid point and other controls without success.
    Exposure, contrast and all the default actions work.
    I’m using lightroom 5, is it a compatibilty issue? Is there any work around this? I’d be happy to donate if I can make fully use of all the listed parameters.
    Thank you very much!

    1. All those parameters should work.

      With Novation controllers, make sure you are mapping same controls as you have assigned into Automap pages.

  28. Hi,

    When i discovered knobroom, my dream was to acquire a nanokontrol. I buy it, setting it, but i was sad of the matter of “jumping” value when going to develop next image. (ie : I develop a +1 exposure photo, then when i move knob on the next photo, i jump to +1.1 directly).

    So i read a lot and a lot, and discover that bcr2000 is good with his “virtual” knob.
    So i buy a BCR2000…
    And now trying to setting it up
    But i still got the “jumping” value, knob doesn’t virtually take the LR5 sliders value

    What is the walthrought to avoiding “jumping” ?
    I read that some other people got the same matter and for some others it’s seems to be natural…

    How cool i setup the bcr to avoid jump ?

    My BCR2000 is connected on USB
    I have mapping all knob on the plugin menu, (with OSCulator to find and test the #CC)

    On lightroom, I start the plugin and choose
    MIDI In : BCR2000 port 1
    MIDI Out : BCR2000 port1

    Plugin : v0.2.779
    License : registered to photo.jmartin@gmail.com
    Lighroom : v5

    Ps : sorry for my english, i’m french.

  29. The ability to use something other than a mouse and keyboard is the most important development in UI in the history of the computer. What you are doing is exceptionally valuable and has increase my post production skill immensely.

    Mapping all of the curves controls to one scene has led to amazing curves that I would never have gotten with a mouse/trackball. Please continue developing this!

    I’m using a Nocturn with LR 5, which seems to work just as well as using LR4.

    Using the center knob to control brush sizes and scrolling has been amazing. I’ve found that when I switch around to multiple uses, LR and the Nocturn eventually stop communicating. Stopping and restarting Knobroom usually works, but after several times, the only option is to restart LR.

    By multiple uses I mean that if I am just selecting/unselecting images (I’ve assigned buttons to the letter P and U) everything is fine. I can usually make exposure adjustments, but once I go into the develop module, there’s a chance that when I go back to the library module, communication will have been lost.

    I think the pattern is when I’ve used the heal brush and then used the Nocturn center knob to change the brush size that the communication gets lost.

    I’m guessing that there’s something about the function of the center knob that’s causing the problem and that if it was possible to map a regular one to the brush size, this problem wouldn’t happen.

    It would be great if it was possible to control all of the bush adjustments/gradiated filter adjustments.

    Brush sizes and scrolling would be nice.

    I’d love to be able to control some of the menu items that don’t have short cut keys too.

    1. Well, the center knob isn’t even used by Knobroom, since Novation does not allow mapping it to MIDI control at all. I’ve never extensively used it myself, it works for some cases but I also found out that it is not always behaving logically. To me, it looks like Novation is just sending mouse events from the center knob to the active control. I haven’t experienced communications issues myself.

      Adjusting gradients is a bit of a best, I can set a preset and adjust each gradient inside the preset if I want, but I can’t know which one of the gradient pins is selected on screen, which would be needed to integrate properly with current Lightroom UI. I’m not too keen into sending window events directly to Lightroom windows, which would of course solve this.

      Most of the Lightroom menus do have keyboard shortcuts already and you can also add your own shortcuts to items using OS X Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts. I’ve added shortcuts to my most commonly used plugins.

  30. Quick question: Is Knobroom now working with LR 5.2? I seem to remember that there were issues with images that had a lot of brushed in areas a while ago… Did that get resolved? Would love to use Knobroom again, but I do use the brushes quite often…


  31. I am using (trying) to use touchOSC and knobroom together and I am having some problems. I know that touchOSC may not be the best option, but I do not own anything else that could be used as a midi controller and do not have the funds to purchase anything else right now. I can get touchOSC to communicate with my mac, but none of the sliders work. When I create a custom template on the touchOSC editor do I need to be adding something in particular? I have even downloaded “MIDImonitor” to see what is actually being sent, and the channels are all correct but it seems to randomly assign sliders as either “bank select” or “modulation wheel.”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated – I am using a Playbook, which is pretty much useless now. Knobroom and touchOSC would at least bring some life back to it. Thanks in advance.

      1. OK, I got it all mapped – it actually works pretty well. I can not figure out how to tag pictures with different color labels though – is this possible? Thanks for all the hard work, great product!

  32. I love this app. I have it running with TouchOSC on my iPad. I’d love an update on your progress to include more features. I’d love to be able to copy and paste settings, undo and redo, flag and label. I’d love for this project of yours to continue. Thank you for your time.

  33. Hi.

    I just jumped on board with LR5 and Korg NanoKontrol2. Works quite well but I miss some LR5 controls. Would it be easy to add them if I would want to try myself? Like modifying a JSON file? Or is some advanced coding required? I would like to toggle the Enable Profile Corrections and Remove Chromatic Abberations checkboxes and use the Flag/Unflag as Picked and Reset features … for starters

    Thanks for the great work!



  34. Hi Jarno,

    I LOVE your software. Thank you thank you thank you. I am curious though – I am afraid of upgrading beyond LR 5.2 – is knobroom compatible with newer versions?

  35. Hi, just wanted to say love this, got the next and previous buttons working on a Kontrol F1 with CC but i can’t seem to get the flag’s to work had a look in the .json file but could not seam to get it to work.

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