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Growl On-Screen Notifications

As said earlier, I have only 8 knobs in my MIDI controller, so not all of the controls in Lightroom are directly available. Novation’s software provides several pages of controls, but when the controls are changed, it becomes very hard to remember which one is which.

For next release, I am planning to include on-screen notifications using Growl. Growl provides somewhat coherent way to display notification messages on screen and it’s available for both OSX and Windows.

That said, there are some big differences between those two versions – OSX version does not support GNTP protocol provided by Windows version. But on OSX, there’s a ready-made commandline tool for showing notifications (growlnotify)

Here’s a screenshot how it currently looks, using Growl’s built-in in “Music Video” display style:

Here, I’ve adjusted Exposure to +1.15. If you adjust multiple values at the same time, it picks one value to show – this might need some fine-tuning later on. But even now, it really helps if you lose track of which knob is which.

Implementation is currently just executing the growlnotify command from plugin server. My next task is to get the same functionality to Windows version, as I’d like to keep same features on both platforms in each release.