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Slightly behind :)

I was estimating that version 0.1 would be in release form shortly after June, but it looks like it could still need some more work, and I’ve spent my time mostly on other projects.

Biggest issue is with life cycle, the plugin interface provided by Lightroom is very limited, so the actual MIDI input is done is separate process. The process is started when plugin starts, but there is no proper way of telling when Lightroom exists.

So, it might take a week or two longer 🙂

Assigning MIDI controls

I just finished the screen for control assignment:

As you can see, there’s a lot of popup menus to select! On the bottom of the screen, there is a preset menu, which allows setting all the controls at the same time. Currently, there is just one preset, which is made for Novation Nocturn. Nocturn has 8 knobs and 8 buttons, so the default configuration has lots of empty slots, as the buttons cannot be assigned to anything useful yet.

If you are not happy with the preset, you can freely configure each and every one of the 128 midi controllers.