Process 2012 and plugin updates

As you have probably read at, Lightroom 4 is now in public beta phase. Most significant updates are to new photo development process, which totally replaces the old basic develop settings (bye-bye Fill Light, its been both pleasure and pain). Sure, there’s picture books etc, but I currently have no use for those.

Because the changes are so fundamental; Knobroom, Leak Lite and The Fader need to be updated to support new process version. I am already working on these updates.

What has also happened, is that I also quit my other day job, so I have much more time to put into plugin development at the moment. This comes with a price though – meaning that I’m considering a shareware model for future plugin development. I am planning to keep the price reasonable (or is $10 reasonable?) and providing some basic functionality for free.

PS. The server has moved back to the old continent, this time it is located in Germany.
UPDATE: OOPS the download links weren’t working. If you got “Multisite support not enabled” message when downloading, please try again, there was a lighttpd configuration error.

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  1. Michael Dayah says:

    Ten dollars sounds fine to me. Windows user, by the way.

    Any idea if pushing history events every time the slider is touched can be disabled? It feels like that’s a major source of slowness.

    • Jarno Heikkinen says:

      For some reason, Lightroom UI has some slowness on Windows, which is probably because of Windows timer implementation. I’ve been experimenting with direct window messages – it’s not a magic bullet, but its a bit faster on Windows (this is actually going back in technology, since that was the implementation of my very first prototype developed for Lightroom 2 in 2009). Additional benefit is that it does not generate excessive history items.

      Adobe has not announced anything related to LR 4 SDK – I can only hope the SDK has improvements with applying develop settings.

      • Jason says:

        Have you tried explaining your plugin and requesting the functionality through the plugin? :)

        Ideally, removing history completely wouldn’t be ideal, right? Maybe if there could be some kind of delay on history writes set – like, don’t write the change until after the adjustment parameter is deactivated – i.e. something else is clicked, or another setting has begun to be adjusted.

      • dorfl68 says:

        That’s what I am using for Paddy. it’s a bit of a pain as you have to find all the handles etc, but it does get rid of the history problem

  2. I would be happy to pay for this plugin. It is immensely useful.

  3. Lutz says:

    Sounds great indeed! I would pay for it anytime. I have not tested Knobroom yet, but I might when LR4 leaves its beta stage.

    The only thing I would need is a way to use all HSL-Sliders via Knobroom. Because I use them a lot it would be very annoying to grab the mouse every time I need to tweak them. Maybe you could make a shortcut that switches between exposure-sliders and HSL-sliders?

    Your plugin is an outstanding idea and I would love to use it! I use Win7 64.

    Greetings from a german wedding photographer. Keep up the good work!

    • Jarno Heikkinen says:

      I have a Nocturn, which has 8 virtual controls which can be assigned to some 16 pages or something. Perhaps there could be a midi button that would provide such mapping for controllers which do not have such feature.

      • Jason says:

        In a lot of software (I use Traktor Scratch Pro dj software often) you can assign a “shift” key. I’m not 100 certain of the technical details, but I believe it is an octave shift – not a computer keyboard type shift, so there can be more than just a single “level” of shift (these are intended to be music related after all).

        From what I’ve seen, the actual mapping depends on the way the software is written, more than anything.

  4. Pascal P. says:

    Hi, asking a reasonable amount of money for the plugin is a good idea. I would be more than willing to pay more than 10USD.

    I also use the nocturn. As i saw it i thought you could use those 8 white buttons to activate a second channel for each knob. But thats apparently not the case.
    2 questions on that:
    1.) What do you use these buttons for, because i donΒ΄t see any usage for them except labeling photos.
    2.) You added the labeling(color)-options. Now my question is: Would it be possible for you to add the other “labeling”-options like “mark”(keyboard “P”), decline (“X”) and the star-rating (keyboard numbers 0-5) ?
    That would be really awesome!!

    Thank you in advance.


    • Jarno Heikkinen says:

      So, the Nocturn has 8 knobs, 8 buttons and special buttons which can e.g. map these 8+8 controls to different positions. Currently, Knobroom provides no real support for the buttons, only color labels (default English values, just like its going to be in LR4) are supported. Pick/reject would be awesome, but unfortunately the API does not allow it in LR3, I hope it’s going to be fixed in LR4.

      Another reason why buttons aren’t really yet supported is that there are several operating modes for buttons, configurable by the user. Button can be toggle (press on, press off), instant (on while holding(, counter (increases when pressed…) I just could make up my mind which mode to support…

  5. Chas G says:

    I’d happily pay $10 for Knobroom (I haven’t researched your other plugins yet). Don’t hesitate to charge for your hard (and hugely useful) work!



  6. Thomas says:

    Agreed – you’re doing something great here, the whole tactile thing’s been lacking from photo processing since darkrooms went on the decline. Hell, this might even be a patentable idea – you should look into this.

  7. Cliff says:

    Even before you start charging for it, put up a donation link. I got Lightroom for Christmas and am organizing my library now. Once I get the tools mapped to my BCF-2000 and get moving (hopefully on the beta), I wouldn’t hesitate to throw $20-30 over to you…I spent 4-5x that on the controller.

  8. Budianto says:

    Yeah man!
    $10 sounds very reasonable. =)

  9. Jason says:

    10 dollars is very reasonable – though I don’t know why you wouldn’t consider just adding a few MIDI and photo related advertisements to your site? Even something as unobtrusive as google text ads.

    My thought is that you probably have a relatively low number of hits to the site and the plugins are somewhat niche – especially knobroom. Why not make sure you take advantage of all the revenue stream you can? Sites like strobist operate as a full time gig purely because of ad revenue.

  10. nepro says:

    You should already open a donation account.

    I’m nothing against paying price for those useful plugins but I remember my teenager period where I couldn’t use any payment method for online-softwares, so there was a huge number of personally developed softwares, very cheap, and I just couldn’t pay for any of them.

    But after all, it’s a plugin for lightroom… I doubt if there’s any legal user that cannot afford $10 or so πŸ˜‰

  11. Dirk says:

    +1 for Knobroom for LR4!!!

    $10 seem more than fair!

  12. Florian Kohlert says:

    +1 for LR4

    $10 is fair!

  13. 10$ is fair.
    Longing for an update so I can get started with Knobroom in LR4.

  14. Alex T says:

    Is there any news about plugin update with LR4 support?
    10 USD is reasonable price for good plug.

    • Jarno Heikkinen says:

      I’ve been mostly toying with new kind of communication between LR and the MIDI counterpart, plus investigating MIDI HUI programming. As you can guess, this means almost total rewrite of the plugin code, so I haven’t actually gone that far yet, so don’t hold your breath for a couple of weeks.

  15. Ben Vigil says:

    Jarno, okay, it’s been a couple of weeks πŸ˜‰

    I’m looking at MIDI controllers now and would LOVE to have an idea of when this will get updated.

    And for the record, anything under $200 is a steal for the kind of productivity a working LR4 Knobroom version provides any working professional. Anything under $30 is basically free.


    • Jarno Heikkinen says:

      Yep time does go fast :) I’ve been working on a total rewrite (also language-wise, the server process is no longer written in Lua) and currently focusing on the Baby HUI mode. Many of the MIDI controllers have emulation for this, and it allows using more accurate faders and using encoder pots with step functions (e.g. selecting a preset)

      I’ve also been trying to source BCR-2000 to implement better CC style controls, but sadly I didn’t bid enough on it πŸ˜‰

      Currently, I have bare bones implementation that works for me, but there isn’t yet any UI stuff and no Windows specific stuff. Since this is a workflow tool, I feel that configuration is absolutely necessary, at least on some level πŸ˜‰

      I guess you know the old saying how you can pick only two out of three attributes: cheap, fast, good.

      • Max says:

        Jarno where are you located in Finland? I’ve got a BCR-2000 that I use with Knobroom. I’ve now moved my workflow over to LR 4 so currently it’s just sitting on my desk waiting for the next knobroom πŸ˜‰

        If you’re close to me I could lend you it for the development of the new version.

        • Jarno Heikkinen says:

          I still have BCF-2000 and Novation Nocturn, those are enough for testing, but thanks for the offer πŸ˜‰

      • Ben Vigil says:

        Hi Jarno,

        Thanks for the reply! I’d love to help you out in any way I can. My background is in applications/web development so if I can help you alpha test or contribute code I’d love to do so. Thanks!


  16. Matteo Indri says:

    Hi Jarno!

    I saw the presentation video for Knobroom and after 30 minutes I bought a Behringer BCF2000… It’s simply what I was looking for: “keyboards” like Belkin’s and Logitech’s gaming keyboard are fine and give you greater speed, but the ability to adjust sliders “physically”… Well, that’s something else…
    10$ is so reasonable that I’ll give you 30 when you finish updating for LR4… I’m holding my breath, ’cause I go through thousands of pics a week… And I know how much time I’ll be saving!

    Mac user, by the way… Don’t forget about us…

    I send you my encouragement! let us know how it’s going!

    THANKS for this great idea!!!


  17. Jarno, $10 dollars is very reasonable, actually $20 very is reasonable, like some else already said you need to paid for your time.

    I would love this program but don’t know enough about midi controllers to make a informed choice. I’m leaning towards the Behringer B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000, I would prefer the sliders and want motorized control. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I’m just waiting for the LR 4 plugin and some better understanding of your plugins before I jump in.


  18. Matteo Indri says:

    Hi Jarno!
    I might not be the only one that would like to know this: do you have in mind a “loose” deadline for the “process 2012 compatible” version of Knobroom? It would help me a lot in deciding how to organize my work to know this information.
    Thanks and again thanks for your great idea!

    Best regards,

    Matteo Indri

  19. Sybille says:

    Hi Jarno

    no worries here, would be very happy to pay for this great software. Can’t wait for it to work on LR4!


  20. eman says:

    I’m game, what’s the news???
    cheers from Switzerland

  21. Antoine says:

    Hi Jarno,
    I’m highly interested too.
    Would put 30$ in it anytime.

    If you need any help in your project let us know !

    Antoine, from France

  22. Kris says:

    Would love to contribute to see Knobroom released for LR4.

    Thank you!

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